The Fall Mountain Regional School District School Board

Mary Henry: Chair
Langdon - 2017
Phone: 835-2138

John Streeter: Vice Chair
Charlestown - 2017
Phone: 558-2250
Linda Christie:Secretary
Acworth - 2019
Phone: 835-6521

Gabriel St. Pierre
At-Large - 2018
Phone: 558-8001
Andy Collins: Treasurer
At-Large - 2019
Phone: 904-4014

David Edkins: Moderator
Phone: 756-4249
David Hogan
Alstead - 2019
Phone: 835-6523

Lilla DeCoste
Walpole - 2017
Phone: 756-4352

Misty D. Bushee: School Board Clerk
Phone: 835-0006 ext. 112

FMRSD School Board Beliefs

  • We are committed to serving the interests of all students.  Each decision we make or action we take should be evaluated in light of its impact on students and their learning. 
  • We believe FMRSD exists to nurture learning and support the growth of all students.
  • We are committed to exercising good judgment in managing our resources (budget, facilities, staff, etc.)
  • We are committed to conducting our business in an open, objective, and professional manner.
  • We are committed to constant improvement, including efforts to build our own skills and increase our collective leadership impact.
  • We must consider the collective leadership impact of our decisions on all parties.
  • We will resolve issues and manage operations in such a way that allows the administration to remain flexible and creative.
  • We are all personally committed to representing the interests of all children.
  • We must constantly work to expand our knowledge base and build our leadership capacity.
  • We must remain open even in the heat of disagreement.
  • We must provide positive reinforcement so that our employees understand that we notice their work and efforts.
  • We must contribute to maximizing the achievement of all students and the greatest factor in student achievement is the quality of our teaching staff.
  • We will become a better board and provide more effective direction by investing the time and energy necessary to deeply understand the challenges facing our schools and district.