Personalized Learning

In today’s world, schools no longer need to be limited by building design, physical location, or traditional ways of teaching.

The schools of the 21st century should be versatile community learning centers that:
  • Make learning relevant to a student’s interests and ambitions;
  • Teach practical skills like group collaboration and self-management;
  • Provide engaging educational opportunities both inside and outside the classroom;
  • Offer a variety of student-designed pathways to graduation;
  • Emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, multicultural perspectives, global contexts, technological proficiency, and other real-world skills that will prepare every student for success in the colleges, careers, and communities of the futurePersonalized learning encourages students to take greater responsibility for their education, be more thoughtful and goal-oriented about the educational choices they make, and use their time in school more purposefully.     
Adapted from the New England Secondary Schools Consortium: Leadership in Action

LIS Groups
Group 1: Personalized Learning Plans  Group 2: Intervention
Group 3: Assessment  Group 4: Standards Based Grading
Group 5 ‘Pathways’  Group 6: Scheduling