Contact Info

Central Office

Superintendent's Office  835-0006
Lori Landry, Superintendent 113
Misty Bushee, Admin Assistant to the Superintendent 112
Cheryl Mayberry, Grants Bookkeeper 110
Kristin Wilson, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Director 130
Business Office  835-0006
James Fenn, Business Manager 125
Lori Mowrey, Financial Services Manager 117
Tammy Fletcher, Payroll 118
Denise Place, Accounts Payable 103
Human Resources 835-0006
Michelle Gould, Human Resources Specialist 116

District Departments

Business/Finance  835-0006    James Fenn
Curriculum  835-0006 x 130    Kristin Wilson
Facilities  835-2473  835-2508  Bill Botting
Food Services  835-2447  835-5501  Jaca Hughes
Information Technology  835-0110  835-0109  Lynne Phillips
Special Education  835-0006 x 5    Donna Jones
Transportation   835-2527  835-2508  Jane Stansbery

Student Services

 835-0008 and 835-0009
Donna Jones
Special Education Director                       

Emma Kobeski
Student Services Coordinator
Karen Galloway
Student Services Coordinator
Lisa Chamberlain
Student Services Coordinator
Gail Baker
Special Education Secretary

Related Service Providers

Claudette Goodrich
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Lisa Livengood
Occupational Therapist
Korrin Ruppel
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Laura St. Martin
Physical Therapist
Crissy Webster
Student Services Counselor
Zandra Reagan
School Psychologist
Joanie Cossaboon
Student Services Counselor
Sara Lowe
Speech/Language Pathologist
Kristi Beneat
Certified Speech Assistant
Bridgette Lawrence
Certified Speech Assistant
Anne Swanson
Communication Specialist
Lisa Holmes
Communication Specialist
Carolyn Geheran
Communication Specialist
Amanda Chamberlain
Certified Therapeutic Recreational Therapist