Superintendent's Corner

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Superintendent's Cabinet

The Superintendent’s Cabinet is comprised of District wide Directors in the areas of finance, HR, technology, curriculum, facilities, special education, transportation & athletics.  

The goal of this group of directors is responsible for assisting the superintendent in support of the district’s management by providing input to the superintendent on all major operational, programmatic and fiscal issues that may affect the operations of the district.

Members of Superintendent’s Cabinet

 Bill Botting   Facilities Director
 Gordon Dansereau  Athletics Director
 James Fenn  Business Administrator
 Michelle Gould  Human Resource Specialist
 Donna Jones  Special Education Director
 Lynne Phillips  Technology Director
 Jane Stansbery  Transportation Director
 Kristin Wilson  Director of Curriculum, Instruction &  Assessment

Meeting Time
Second Monday of the month

Career and Life Ready

Across the country, there are many students graduating from high school without the knowledge, skills or abilities to be Career or Life Ready. At Fall Mountain, we are seeking to redesign education with the student as the focus. We started with the Vision of the Graduate.

Upon graduation, Fall Mountain students will have the academic and social abilities to actively apply their knowledge and skills as ethically responsible citizens, well equipped to succeed in their community, country and world.

At Fall Mountain, we are looking at education from within our system to advance students based on what levels of learning they have mastered. We know that the pace and path can look different for every student but the goals of mastering a concept will provide students opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned and move towards being Life Ready.  The chart on the left explains the difference from a traditional education and a competency based education. 

We are developing our Fall Mountain Plan that I look forward to sharing with you in the future. 

Vision of the Graduate

Dear Fall Mountain Community,

Teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, administrators, school board and community members, met and worked to develop the Vision of the Graduate.

Upon graduation, Fall Mountain students will have the academic and social abilities to actively apply their knowledge and skills as ethically responsible citizens, well equipped to succeed in their community, country and world.

We believe in the Vision of the Graduate as core foundation at Fall Mountain School District. We will continue our visionary work with our administrative team and district-wide teachers in an effort to further develop our understanding of the graduate and what we need to do to support that vision now and in the future.

One of the most important things we can do is to have a clear understanding of what we are doing and why. Recently, our administrators spent the day developing this common understanding by developing yearlong goals. In an effort to keep you informed, I would like to share our goals with you.

Our goals are to:
  • Inspire others to want to inspire students; 

  • Have a clear vision of what our initiatives are for the next school year; 

  • Develop action steps that are specific, time sensitive and transparent; 

  • Understand how everything fits together; 

  • Work as a unified team; 

  • Keep what’s in the best interest of our students; and 

  • Build upon things that we are already doing well, using new and old strategies, 
so that decisions can be based on the foundations we’ve laid and make them even better. 
Our administrative team believes in these goals and we hope that you will, too. 

Our process led us to work on developing a communication plan, which will be an integral part as we articulate our path towards the Vision of the Graduate. We will continue to deliver information regarding our primary goals and focuses by continuously reviewing our data so that we can make informed decisions.

We seek to be transparent; we want community understanding and awareness, as well as your participation in our work, this will make for better decision-making and well- informed decisions that will have greater impact on all of us. We seek to keep the importance of education at the forefront and in the minds of our communities and to show the potential of our students, our Vision of the Graduate.

Five Towns, One Vision. Understanding all that we do will support our work towards the Vision of the Graduate.

Warm Regards,

Lori Landry, Superintendent