School Administrative Unit 60

Superintendent's Message

Fall Mountain Regional School District is commitment in preparing all students for success at each grade level and after high school.  We know that if students want to go to college, the military or the workforce, our students needs to think critically and solve complex problems.    We must ensure each of our students has the tools and skills necessary to be prepared for the future job market and make the most of their educational opportunities.
Last spring, students in grades 3rd thru 8th and grade 11th  participated in a new state assessment in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics known as the Smarter Balanced Assessment. These results:
  • Are the first for New Hampshire’s students to measure the academic goals laid out in our higher standards aimed at preparing students with the skills and knowledge they need at each grade level and in the real world,
  • Establish a new baseline that enables all of us to know where students stand on their path to success and measure progress going forward,
  • Provide teachers and parents information about where students are doing well and where they need additional support,
  • Help teachers adjust their instruction to better meet students’ needs and;
  • Help parents identify resources they can use to help their child succeed.
The NH Department of Education has made the decision to release Smarter Balanced results in multiple stages.  Data was released by the NH Department of Education on September 14th to Superintendents, September 21st to Principals and has plans for a full release to the public by November 12, 2015.   Meetings have been held with each principal to review the data for the district, the state, as well as for each school and each grade level.  Principals will be reviewing data with teachers at upcoming faculty, grade level or department meetings.  We will be providing assistance to staff in analyzing test results so that they can share these results with parents and help parents better understand the changes taking place in today’s classroom.
In addition, we will be posting information about the Smarter Balanced Assessment in school newsletters, school and district websites as well as through direct contact. 


Mission, Core Values and Vision Statement

The Mission of the Fall Mountain Regional School District is to maximize our children's academic, technological, artistic, athletic, and social skills to be productive 21st century citizens.

Core Values
Responsibility: Being responsible for our own actions.

Respect: Treating yourself and others with patience, understanding and honor.

Citizenship: Demonstrating a commitment to our community, our nation, and our world.

Integrity: Acting in a manner that is trustworthy, virtuous, and dedicated. 
Vision Statement
Upon graduation, FM students will have the academic and social abilities to actively apply their knowledge and skills as ethically responsible citizens, well-equipped to succeed in their community, country and world. 

Special Announcements

Central Office will be CLOSED on Friday, October 9th and Monday, October 12th as we move into our new location located at 122 NH-12A Langdon, NH 03602.
As of Monday, October 12th, you will be able to reach us at 835-0006.
Thank you for your understanding!