School Administrative Unit 60

Superintendent's Message


School Board Election Voting Results

Alstead: David Hogan (2-Year Term)

Charlestown: John Streeter (3-Year Term)

Langdon: Mary Henry(3-Year Term)



Warrant Article Voting Results

Article 1: Passed 82%

Article 2: Passed 81%

Article 3: Passed 74%

Article 4: Passed 76%

Article 5: Passed 77%

Article 6: Passed 87%

Article 7: Passed 72%

Article 8: Passed 69%


Thank you for your continued support of the

Fall Mountain Regional School District!

Commissioner's Letter

Fall Mountain Regional School District has been recognized by the NH Department of Education as an educational leader in the state.

Mission & Core Values


The mission of the Fall Mountain Regional School District is to maximize our children's academic, technological, artistic, athletic, and social skills to be productive 21st century citizens.

Core Values
Responsibility: Being responsible for our own actions.


Respect: Treating yourself and others with patience, understanding and honor.


Citizenship: Demonstrating a commitment to our community, our nation, and our world.


Integrity: Acting in a manner that is trustworthy, virtuous, and dedicated.