Budget Committee

Langdon, NH 3/24/22—Fall Mountain Regional School District (FMRSD) Moderator Leroy Watson has announced the members of the new FMRSD Budget Committee. On March 8th, voters approved the establishment of a school district budget committee pursuant to NH statute RSA 32:1, “...to assist its voters in the prudent appropriation of public funds...”, by a vote of 912 to 473, winning approval in all five of the district’s towns. Under the statute, the school district moderator appoints 7 of the initial 8 members of the FMRSD Budget Committee. Composition of the new budget committee mirrors the composition of the FMRSD School Board, with one representative from each of the five member towns, plus two at-large members. A final member is appointed by the FMRSD school board. Each of the initial budget committee seats appointed by the school district moderator will then be up for district wide election, starting next March.

Moderator Watson noted, “Each member of the FMRSD Budget Committee brings solid backgrounds in public or private sector finance and budgeting, process management and problem-solving that can assist the school district to make better informed and transparent decisions regarding the school district's policies and programs, as they are reflected in our school district budget. They have demonstrated strong community involvement by serving in other public offices and by participating in local, civic organizations that promote education and lifelong learning. I am grateful that these outstanding community leaders have agreed to serve on the budget committee to donate their time and expertise toward improving the educational  opportunities for every student in the Fall Mountain Regional School District.”