Bill Botting, Facilities Director, (603) 835-2473
Send E-Mail to : bbotting@sau60.org

Jessica Jarvis, Secretary, (603) 835-2473
Send E-Mail to: jjarvis@sau60.org

The mission of the Fall Mountain School District Facilities Team is to provide a safe and healthy school environment for all our students and staff.

The Facilities Department consists of three interwoven departments:

  1. The Maintenance Team is composed of six hard working, professional and talented individuals. SAU 60 employs both a certified electrician and a certified plumber.The staff is dedicated to the upkeep, repair work and improvements on eleven buildings within the district. They diligently respond to over 2000 work orders per year.

  2. The Custodian Team works hard to provide a clean, sanitized, and healthy school environment for our students. They are responsible for the cleaning of nearly 320,000 square feet of building area. The Custodial staff is also in charge of floor maintenance, all stocking and, in the winter months, they keep the entryways and sidewalks clear of snow.

  3. Groundskeeper, Ron LeClair, is in charge of mowing and trimming all 34 acres of open school grounds. He also works, tirelessly, to keep the District’s many sports fields in playing condition. Ron also oversees some snow removal and the maintenance of the roads, driveways and ramps.

Resources:  Asbestos notifications, water testing results