Technology Goals

The technology goals for the Fall Mountain Regional School District are in alignment with the National Education Technology Standards, the Fall Mountain Professional Development Plan and the New Hampshire Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards.

  • Ensure that students demonstrate the appropriate technology grade-level exit skills . Therefore, students need adequate access to technology.

  • Ensure that teachers will continuously improve their technology skill sets while providing opportunities for students to learn and explore appropriate technological grade-level exit skills.

  • Ensure that administrators will continuously improve their technology skills and support staff in attaining the appropriate and relevant skills through providing training opportunities to advance per the three-year plan.

  • Ensure that all staff will continuously improve their technology skills, have adequate access to technology tools, training, and support.

  • Provide a technology leader in every school to ensure the success of our three-year technology plan.

  • Continue to improve a secure district technology infrastructure to support the ever-changing learning environment.

  • Extend technology learning opportunities to the community.