Data Privacy

Student Data Privacy & Technology Use

Why Student Data Privacy Matters

All of the Fall Mountain Regional School District stakeholders, teachers, employees, administrators and school board members play an important role in protecting student privacy. With the constant evolution of new online educational apps and tools that can enhance teaching and learning, it is more important than ever that the district take steps to ensure that our students' data and privacy is adequately protected when using online educational resources. It is our responsibility to protect student data from any unauthorized use or collection.

Our Commitment to our Parents: Clear Privacy Practices

FMRSD Data Governance Plan (approved June 2019)

In order to protect student data and privacy, it is important that the district evaluates all third party online educational applications and tools used by students to ensure their terms of use and privacy agreements meet the legal requirements for protecting student data as well as additional district requirements for privacy and security protection. The list of approved online tools can be found below. Please check that any tool that you are using with your students is on this list. If not, please follow the process in the next section to seek approval to use a new tool with students.

Process for Adopting a New App/Tool

The process to adopt new online apps/tools for student use must be thoughtful. Only apps/tools that are appropriate to meet the instructional goals, are well designed and meet the legal requirements to protect student privacy and data will be approved. The Fall Mountain Regional School District has adopted a set of Standards when evaluating new App/Online Educational Tools. Before submitting a request for approval of a new App/Online Tool, staff should consider the following:

  • Does the App/Online Tool comply with the District's Responsible Use Policy?

  • Has the District already vetted and approved a similar App/Online Tool? If so, staff should use the already approved tool.

  • What's the impact that this new App/Online Tool will have on instruction and student learning? Does it work across content areas and grades? Is it engaging? Does it have strong relevance to the curriculum and instructional goals?

  • Has the App/Online Tool been fully tested? It's important for the teacher to fully understand the student experience when using the tool to ensure that it works and is appropriate for the age group. Teachers should be aware of any personal information that might be requested if a student account is required to login. 

  • Review the Privacy and Terms of Use for the Tool before seeking District approval. Use this checklist for reviewing Terms of Service and Privacy agreements before submitting for final approval. 

  • Staff should speak with their building Technology Leader before using ANY new app/online tool with students and seek their assistance with the evaluation/vetting process. This includes any online tool that a student interacts with where they may be creating content and/or any site that requires any student login.

Once all the above has been considered, a request for approval of a new app/online tool can be submitted.

Professional Development for Staff

The Fall Mountain Regional School District recognizes that adequate professional development for staff in the area of student data use and privacy is critical. Below are some initial resources that we encourage all staff to review. Professional Development in this area will also be conducted at the school level each year.

The Educator's Guide To Student Data Privacy (PDF)

Recognizing the Danger in your Inbox

Approved Software Applications/Tools

Below is a list of applications and tools that are approved or that are being reviewed by the District. Please reach out to your building technology leader with any questions.